Elson is the newest of the moving cities of the frontier. currently it sits between its more established sisters of Vorinish and Garerdown. As with the other moving cities it is home to adventurers, explorers and shop keepers as well as there families and the poor deluded fools who think they run the place.

Shops and places of interest
  • Gustavus Gladius: A weapons shop
  • Distles distillery: A magic shop
  • Felicia Place: Another magic shop
  • Arnold Armor: An armor shop
  • The message board: A place were announcements and bounties are placed for the community to see.
  • [[the inn] an inn with a unimagnative name (you don’t have to be clever when you are the only game in town)
  • The Daly Skryer The local broadsheet. All the adventuring news you need.

Local History:


  • A large number of local felines have gone missing in the last few days.
  • The dragon nest caves are now approved by the Ministry of Exploration for adventuring.
  • A recent rise in the number of magical mutations has people wondering are we expanding to quickly?
  • Rinholts Rangers are the favorites to bring in the biggest haul this year.


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