Raiders of the Ravaged Lands

Session 1
Trouble in the wine celler

The Daily Skryer

A Party of Noobs is the last of the season

The last adventuring party of the season has left Eloshin to explore the ruins of a manor house believed to contain a vast wine cellar. The Party lead by Bashy Mcbashington, a young fighter, was made up of rookie adventures who arrived late in the city and did not have a opportunity to attach themselves to a more experienced group.

In addtion to Mr. McBashington the party is made up of Ugalsquirts a dwarven dark mage and Shivy McShivengton. Mr. Mcshivington, an elf, was an actor of some repute, wether ill or otherwise seems to be a matter of opinion, before his theater closed. he has descieded to turn his attention to adventuring in the hopes of avoiding type casting and critics.

The party was fortunate that a late find of the Ministry of Exploration had been overlooked but the other adventuring gangs. The discovery appears to be a minor one, a burned out manor hose with what appears to be a large wine cellar below.

The exact contents of the wine cellar will never be known however since Mr. Ugalsquirts accidently caused the detention of several casks of highly volatile spirits. The ensuing conflagration spread to the rest of the racks destroying much of the potential treasure.

The party, with quick thinking and greedy hands grabed what they could as they fled the room. If the bottles recovered are any indication the cellar was filled with potions not whine. This raises thee question whose manner house was this, and what else may linger in the cellar?

Exploring farther the party encountered hobgoblins and the undead. Typical challenges of the Ravaged lands that they were able to overcome. Of note however was their encounter with a strange box wich when opened attempted to eat the dwarfs beard. This was not the only disfigurement the party would face in their freshmen adventuring season.

In a classic rookie action Mr. Mcbashington misjudged his grip on his hammer striking Mr. McShivington in the mouth. While his injuries have been healed the potions they found in the wine seller were not strong enough to regrow teeth. he is believed to still be bitter about this.

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